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Used Tires & Wheel Alignments Go Hand in Hand

Used Tires in Daytona Beach In a perfect world, we'd all be driving around in brand new cars with brand new tires on them. For some people, however, those days are behind them-- or are yet to come. After all, if you pick up a set of four used tires and add a wheel alignment, it is perfectly possible to get 40-50,000 more miles out of something that someone else considers to be used up. If you compare those used tires and a wheel alignment to the price of four new tires, you are probably going to be able to buy at least 2 and maybe three full sets of used tires plus wheel alignment and end up mileage and money ahead.

For more than 33 years, Tire City has been the largest seller of used tires in Daytona Beach. Of course these tires are only part of our business. As a full-service tire shop, we also feature complete wheel alignment and suspension repair services and sell new tires in addition to a massive selection of used tires. No matter if Daytona Beach residents need new or used tires, with or without wheel alignment, Tire City can handle the job and save money.

Largest Selection of Used Tires in Daytona Beach

One of the ways in which this can be done is by taking advantage of our many special offers. For example, buy 4 of our used tires and saving 25%, plus an additional $10 off of any shop fees. The used tire buyers are not alone in getting a deal, however, since we also offer a free oil change to anyone who buys a set of four new tires. New tires, used tires, wheel alignment and service. we'll keep you rolling along.